JH Capital Group, a diversified specialty finance company with operations spanning across seven states, provides a wide array of solutions for consumers and businesses across a broad range of assets. The company is a national leader in purchasing charged off consumer debt from major financial institutions with a national debt settlement service, consumer and commercial loan origination platforms as well as a captive collection agency,  which collectively  work with individuals as they repay their obligations by offering several solutions to help individuals work towards financial recovery.

Our Mission

Our companies follow consumers through the journey from distress to rehabilitation, ensuring they recover from financial difficulty as quickly as possible. Our verticals offer a solution to distressed consumers from the moment they enter distress and work with them until they are able to re-enter the mainstream credit market. We create strategies that build a value chain for our consumers, and develop individual solutions that empower each consumer towards financial success.

Reporting & Analytics

Our robust staff of CPAs have implemented an institutional process for producing precise and timely financial reports, giving us the ability to review business forecasts efficiently and capitalize on M&A opportunities quickly. JH also built a sophisticated analytics team that uses data from all facets of every portfolio company’s operation to enhance performance and opportunities.


JH believes that every customer should receive the most compliant and ethically-driven service possible, and a company’s operation should always be in line with the law. Every one of our portfolio companies is held to the highest standards of their respective industry, and compliance is always the first structural investment we make in a new acquisition. Our Legal and Compliance teams are highly involved with the most influential industry associations of our companies and stay ahead of industry issues.

Partner & Client Network

Since inception, the company’s strong and consistent performance together with its drive to be transparent and ethical at every level has garnered a foundation of long-term and loyal partners and clients.  We treat everyone involved with our company like family and seek to create long-term, stable relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Diverse Environment

JH is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) in the State of California, and we believe in an inclusive and diverse workforce that fosters a creative workplace where every idea is analyzed from multiple perspectives. JH places experience above degrees, certificates and honors, hiring self-starters with dirt under their fingernails who see problems as potential opportunities and take ownership of their work. We train our employees to think beyond traditional solutions and reward a bold effort, reinforcing the value of the lesson learned rather than viewing it as a failure.

about JH Capital Group

JH Benefits

Our portfolio companies benefit from our sophisticated tools, processes and experienced people.

  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Compliance
  • Partner & Client Network
  • Diverse Environment

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