JH Capital Group moved its corporate office in Woodland Hills, CA. The new office is less than a mile from the current location, but significantly increases the size of its operation. The move is effective January 1, 2017.

JH Capital Group planned the move to accommodate the growth of the Firm’s enterprise and partner businesses in the last few years. The Firm and its principals, who have a long history in Woodland Hills, thought it was important to continue to support its local community while providing its employees with a location that meets their needs and fits the company image. The new office is approximately 22,000 square feet, which makes it nearly three times larger than JH’s former space and occupies an entire floor in the Warner Center Towers.

Commenting on the move, Douglas Jacobsen, JH Capital Group’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “we had several new people join the team in 2016, and are expanding the team even further this year to deliver on our 2017 plan. The new office substantially increases the space we have, and provides our current and future staff with better work environment. I think it underscores our commitment to both our customers and our employees.”

JH Capital Group’s new address is 21800 Oxnard Street, 5th Floor, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. The Firm’s main phone number will remain the same, as will all email addresses.

About JH Capital Group

JH Capital Group is a leading diversified specialty finance company that offers innovative and regulatory compliant end-to-end solutions for distressed credit consumers. The Firm participates in several activities in the distressed consumer space, including purchasing portfolios of consumer receivables and working with individuals as they repay their obligations as well as offering several solutions to help consumers work towards financial recovery.