JH Capital Group, LLC today announced that it has earned the designation of Certified Professional Receivables Company (CPRC) after completing the requirements of DBA International’s highly-regarded Certification Program.

DBA President Bryan Faliero congratulated JH Capital Group, stating that “By becoming Certified, JH Capital Group has demonstrated that it is committed to operating pursuant to the highest ethical standards, and will abide by the comprehensive national standards of industry best practices which stress responsible consumer protection, increased transparency and improved educational and operational standards for the industry.”

DBA’s Certification Program consists of the company-based designation and an individual-based designation for those who meet prescribed continuing education and background criteria. Individual certifications are required for each certified company’s chief compliance officer and voluntary for other industry professionals.

DBA expanded the company certification program beyond debt buyers to include collection law firms and third-party collection agencies as a way to strengthen compliance integration between debt buying companies and their vendors, assuring the consumer that the same rigorous standards are being upheld. Company certifications are granted to companies who comply with uniform standards based on industry best practices. These standards address account documentation, chain of title, consumer complaint and dispute resolution, statute of limitation compliance, vendor management, credit bureau reporting, resale, and other relevant operational procedures.

Anthony Riggio, President of JH Capital Group, stated “We are pleased to have earned this designation from the DBA. It demonstrates JH’s ongoing commitment to compliance and the fair and ethical treatment of our consumers.”

Compliance with the standards is monitored through independent third-party audits as well as through a structured self-compliance audit process. Allegations of non-conformity may be investigated and penalties for failing to conform to standards could result in disciplinary action.

For more information about DBA’s Debt Buyer Certification Program, or to download an application, please visit DBA’s website at www.dbainternational.org/certification/certification.asp.

About DBA International

DBA International (DBA) is the nonprofit trade association that represents companies that purchase performing and nonperforming receivables on the secondary market. Founded in 1997 by a small group of companies to provide a forum to advance best practices within the industry, today DBA has grown to represent over 550 companies. DBA provides its members with networking, educational, and legislative advocacy opportunities through an annual conference, an executive summit, regional seminars, state and regional committees, newsletters, webinars, teleconferences, and other media. DBA maintains a code of ethics and a national certification program which debt buying member companies must comply with in order to maintain membership that promotes uniform industry standards based on best practices. DBA is headquartered in Sacramento, California.