JH’s investment philosophy perfectly balances flexibility and structure. We have invested significant time and resources to ensure every pillar of our organization is strong so that each portfolio company receives all of the resources it needs, and approach every opportunity with a compliance & analytics driven mentality that minimizes risk and ensures precision. At the same time, we keep our operation lean and free of red tape to keep us flexible when problems arise and nimble when opportunities present themselves. This balance allows our portfolio companies to grow in any business environment and capitalize on opportunities before the competition can react.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio companies have similar business models and sell to the same kind of customers, which keeps our team focused and able to explain the value chain without switching contexts. In addition, we are able to create opportunities within opportunities by identifying weaknesses in the chain and strengthening them.

We like to keep our portfolio small and focused because we want to grow every single company to its fullest potential, and our hands-on approach focuses on creating teams and processes that can scale and support long-term growth, which is a patience-driven process.

Our Executive Teams

We take great care in building the executive team for each one of our portfolio companies, finding individuals with a proven record who understand how to manage and delegate responsibility accordingly, and how to see themselves as part of a team. We believe every person on staff is crucial to the organization and a single person is not the sole cause for a firm’s success, which is why we patiently find the right fit for every one of our portfolio companies and their unique environment.

We form leadership teams that are extremely hands-on and open about attempting different strategies, switching things up to either optimize existing processes or add value. This freedom creates the perfect breeding ground for new ideas, new services, and first-to-market businesses.