JH Capital Group is proud to announce the launch of our new brand and website with the assistance of the receivables management marketing firm Branding Arc. The new JH Capital Group brand, logo and website are the result of our efforts to update our marketing presence to match the quality of the services we provide to our partners.

“We are very excited to be unveiling our new brand and marketing presence”, said CEO Doug Jacobsen. “We wanted to develop an updated brand and marketing tools that illustrate the level of service we provide for our partners. Our company has grown so quickly over the past 5 years, that we felt the time had come for a marketing upgrade.”

The new JH Capital Group website was developed on the WordPress platform using responsive design to make it accessible from desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. This new website provides a solid foundation from which JH Capital Group can continue to grow our online marketing presence.

“The new JH Capital Group logo is elegantly designed and the core aspects of the design can be seen throughout our new marketing materials” said project leader Oliver Escardo. “Working with an experienced marketing team gave us the insight we needed to make the process easy and helped us come to the best possible result.”

About JH Capital Group

JH Capital Group is a leading diversified specialty finance company that offers innovative and regulatory compliant end-to-end solutions for distressed credit consumers. The Firm participates in several activities in the distressed consumer space, including purchasing portfolios of consumer receivables and working with individuals as they repay their obligations as well as offering several solutions to help consumers work towards financial recovery.